sâmbătă, 17 aprilie 2010

United Colours of Community...thanks guys :)

First application to a training...first participation...the subject in interesting...not knowing how such a training is working is exciting...knowing that there are participants from other countries makes that more adventurous...since speaking all the time in English is a challenge...
The schedule was pretty busy...training sessions-coffee breaks-lunch-dinner-night program...pff...I want to write everything that happened, but I feel that if I do that I ruin all the special feelings...I can't describe...
So shortly...I liked almost all the people...I really really liked some of them, like keeping them as friends after the training too...the trainers were great...Thanks Andreea and Nicole, you were perfect...

Instead of saying to everyone how we will be remembering them, we wrote few words on a piece of paper...but I want to make this public...so, I have to thank all of you guys for giving me the chance to meet you...from:


ASU - you are my kas kardes, my Turkish delight...I will come to visit you soon :)

Ergun - aka "the God"...you made me laugh everyday...you teach me that everything and everyone is from Turkey :))

Montenegro (I mean Serbia undercover):

Branco aka Kejsi - I will not forget about the web site you showed me that day...please don't forget about the teddy bear business...we will get rich :))

Nancy - you were my best team mate...the most natural person in the training room

Sophie - nice smile, great attitude...you and Nancy are the most pink girls I ever met


Darko aka Dare aka Dranko...you were the first foreign person I talked at this training, being my first team mate...you are my best friend from this training too...I felt like I know you for ages...and you telling me the same thing really touched me...I will never forget the sound when Andreea hit you with the ball in your head...every time I'll eat a chocolate pancake I will be thinking at you :) you are a добро парче and пријател :D

Aleksandar - aka The King aka The President aka singer, song writer and everything...always taking photos...you, Kejsi and Ergun were a great team in making us laughing every day...Ho-tel Mo-tel Margaritar! please write the project :) sorry the dog bit you

Katerine - always taking photos at the parties


Vusal - "Thank You"...you are the person that thanked me most in my life...you are very polite, very careful...I would never forget how we smoked the cigarettes in the last night...I'm very proud that I had the honor to give you the diploma of graduation

Aziz - always making a presentation..."Zece lei, zece lei" :))

Mahammad - aka the laptop guy...always telling a joke...I will never forget how you put your hand into the aquarium in the restaurant


Tiko, Guro, Nana - thank you for the horn glass you gave me in the intercultural night...


Elena - smart kid, friendly, creative, always making a presentation...maybe next time you will give others more opportunities to talk and/or express their opinions

Rodica - nice hair, great dancer

Cristi - aka Crispi..."I will be short", but never stopped talking...a bit pushy, but very friendly...I miss your questions and your jokes...

Adela - retro girl, my karaoke partner, crying colleague...

Special thanks to the organizers:

Andreea - "let's focus on the flip chart"...professional and friendly in the same time...I like you much

Nicole - I'd like to have the young spirit you have

Eugen - great support staff...miss your remarks

hope to see you all soon